Kálmán Réti on Lisp Machines

An interesting video popped up on the Lisp Reddit last week: Kálmán Réti, the Last Symbolics Developer, Speaks of Lisp Machines. The first half goes into satisfyingly low-level detail about the Lisp Machine's history and architecture, and the second half contains the most in-depth demo I recall watching. Enjoy.


CFFI 0.11.0 released

CFFI 0.11.0 has been released on Feb 25th, 2013, but I only finished writing the release notes today:

  • new feature: fsbv has been integrated into CFFI, courtesy of Liam Healy. This means we now support passing structs by value via [libffi](http://sourceware.org/libffi/)! NB: in order to differentiate between structure passing by value from structure by reference, (:struct foo) and :pointer should be used. The old way of referring to struct types by bare name is now deprecated.
  • new feature: a new MKCL backend has been added courtesy of Jean-Claude Beaudoin.
  • enhancement: the ABCL backend has improved considerably thanks to Mark Evenson and Stas Boukarev.
  • enhancement: the ECL backend now supports multiple linking strategies thanks to Juanjo Garcia-Ripoll.
  • optimization: foreign-free is non-consing on SBCL. (Thanks to Stas Boukarev.)
  • bugfix: in some situations we were not signalling a warning upon defining a foreign type using a symbol from the :cl or :keyword packages. Because of this, some projects will see new compilation warnings that will require fixing.
  • and various other bugfixes.
This version will be included in the next Quicklisp dist.