Sweet Summer of Lisp

Yay! I have been accepted into Google's Summer of Code 2007 thanks to LispNYC. The project I will be working on is IOLib and you can check out my proposal. Any suggestions you may have for this project are welcome!

If I had to pick the single most important event during my participation in the 2005 edition, it would have to be when Christophe Rhodes suggested I should have a look at James Bielman's then recent project CFFI. Hadn't he done that, I wouldn't have had the great pleasure of getting to know James, working with him, learning from his code, etc... So, please, send those great suggestions to luismbo at gmail dot com!

I had sent another proposal, “Metaobject Sealing for CLOS”, which was a very cool idea suggested by Christophe (again) and I was actually expecting that one would be picked instead. I already had some code and was avidly reading the AMOP, not to mention that I even printed out SBCL's PCL source code. Oh well. If nobody picks that idea up, I would love to work on that after the summer. <blink>Perhaps ITA or Clozure could fund that.</blink>

You can see the list of accepted Lisp projects here.

One last thought. While I realize that it's not easy for Google to work around this, I find it pretty sad that students from Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea or Burma aren't allowed to participate in this program. I sure hate politics.

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