Joey Comeau learns CL

Noticed via Twitter that Joey Comeau of "A Softer World"-fame has been doing some programming in Lisp. I liked the way he put it:

Joey: (4:01:05 PM) maybe i should take up a self abusive hobby
Joey: (4:01:08 PM) like lisp programming
Ryan: (4:01:20 PM) haha
Ryan: (4:01:23 PM) sec phone
                   after the phone call i leave the computer and don't come back
                   the next day
Joey: (9:20:29 AM) I am learning common lisp

With apologies to Joey and Emily:

(And here's one of my favourite strips.)

2 komentoj:

J.V. Toups said...

Programming in almost any other language feels self abusive to me, but I guess among the Lisps Common is the worst.

Luís said...

Seriously? CL is the worst? As jwz would put it, get off my lawn! :-)