A Lisp REPL in your pocket

Thanks to Polos Ruetz, you can now play with Common Lisp directly on your Android phone. All you need to do is install CL REPL from the Google Play Store. CL REPL is one of the examples part of EQL5-Android which is built on top of EQL5, a project that marries ECL with Qt.


A Common Lisp REPL with command line and history, plus a simple editor with syntax highlighting, simple visual paren-matching, a file dialog for opening/saving files, and a simple debug dialog. It uses the ECL implementation for the Lisp side, and Qt5/QML for the UI. This is an open source project (see EQL5-Android).

(via @dk_jackdaniel)

7 komentoj:

hajovonta said...

That's very cool. I instantly gave it 5 stars before I tried it just for the effort.
Can you help me how to exit the debugger? I can't hit Enter because it's not available there, thus can't communicate with it.

Luís said...

Hmm. Pressing Enter works for me, so I can type :q.

Luís said...

There's also a button in the upper right corner to close the debugger.

hajovonta said...

I tried to click the button, but it didn't close the debugger. Also there is no Enter for me when in the debugger (only "Next") Had to kill the app and restart.

Anonymous said...

What about installing quicklisp and its libraries? Is it possible/practical?

Luís said...

Try it! :)

Unknown said...

@hajovonta that's strange; maybe it's an issue with your phone (author here; feel free to contact me; my mail address is on the Play Store page of this app).

@Anonymous: please type :h, it will tell you that you only need to type :q in order to install/run Quicklisp (so it's trivial).